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Professional Recording Studio Building Solutions

Apex Studio Builder is your one-stop-shop for all your recording studio design and building requirements. We are the trailblazers in crafting harmonious spaces from scratch that offer the best of both worlds — stunning acoustics and state-of-the-art functionalities.

Whether you need a pleasing space for your music, post-production, editorial, voice-over, or podcasting, we will ensure that you get the ambiance you’re looking for. After all, as an artist, you shouldn’t settle for anything but the best.


Creating The Perfect Environment For Your Creative Genius 

At Apex Studio Builder, we provide a wide range of services related to acoustics and sound. Whether you need help with choosing the right audio equipment for your studio as the new kid on the block, require assistance with comprehensive acoustic analysis and room tuning, sound isolation, reverberation design, vibration control, HVAC, or a site analysis, our experts will help you to get the most out of your studio. 

Apex Studio Builder is known for its impeccable audio equipment installation and wiring solutions, all of which contribute to the creation of an unparalleled recording studio that towers over its competitors. From computer-aided design, proper acoustical testing with high-end tools, end-to-end noise and vibration control solutions, custom audio harness fabrication, to the installation of top-notch studio loudspeakers, we do it all. In addition to this, we also conduct comprehensive sound checks to eliminate the risk of costly tuning mistakes.

Recording Studio Design

Why Choose Us To Build Your Recording Studio?

Trained Contractors

We are licensed contractors and our teams have been specially trained to offer you the best services and recommendations.

Years Of Experience

Having worked for music legends and labels over the years, we can proudly say that we are leaders in what we do.

Nationwide Presence

No matter where you live in the United States, we can get your recording studio up and running!

Customization Options

Have a vision for your recording studio? Just let us know and we will get back to you with a rough blueprint ASAP.

Full-Service Solutions

We consult, design, and build. We also offer audio equipment installation and consultation services. We will make your room sound amazing,

Guarantee Of Excellence

We strive to ensure that you get equipment of the highest quality when you decide to align with us for your recording studio building needs.

Our Clients Include

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Recording Studio Design

How We Design Studios to Produce High-Quality Recordings


We analyze every aspect of your studio to create the ideal solution that fits your budget and unique needs.

Proprietary Technology

Our proprietary technology helps you finish the perfect mix in half the time!


We won’t get started installing until we’ve spent the right amount of time planning and designing.

Invisible Treatment

Our acoustic treatments are never bulky and won’t interfere with the other design aspects of your studio.

15 Years Experience

With our 15 years of experience, we know exactly what it takes to create the recording studio of your dreams.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so confident you’ll love our work that if you aren’t completely satisfied, we’ll fix it so you’re happy.
Work with Acoustic Fields

Build Your Dream Studio With Us

Why keep borrowing and booking recording studios when you can get one for yourself that’s built as per your specifications? The sky is the limit in a space that you can call your own.
Our team will craft a studio that’s designed to get the best out of you! By understanding your work requirements as well as your workflow, we will draft a layout of what your studio should ideally look like. After getting the green signal from you, we will bring in the equipment and wiring and position them in a discreet manner so that they don’t ruin your room’s aesthetics. A bit of playing around with the carpeting, surfaces, and lighting and we are done! What you end up with is a stunning recording studio with incredible sound treatments where you can get to work. Start creating history today.


Chief Acoustics Engineer

When it comes to room acoustics, what you don’t hear is as important as what you do hear.

With over 15 years of experience in the field, Angel and Apex Studio Builders are the best partners to create custom solutions to fix the acoustic challenges you’re facing in your environment.

Our advice and technology have been used by many leading artists and music labels like Pitbull, Mr. 305 Inc, Champion Sound, Lenier, and many others.

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