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Studio design and build by Apex studio Builders with green LED's and a recessed ceiling
About this service

Custom Acoustic Tuning & Treatments

For Music Lovers

Transform an ordinary room into a stunning, pitch-perfect recording/mixing studio with our high-quality acoustic treatments. For us, acoustic treatment is a serious business, a science, and an art in itself that leads to flawless audio experiences. So, let’s get talking about your expectations from your recording studio, shall we?

Get Your Room In Tune

While you may have state-of-the-art studio equipment and sleek instruments, you may not experience it properly if your room isn’t tuned for the job. Audio changes its shape and form when it interacts with other elements in the recording studio, which is why acoustic treatments and a little bit of tuning and tweaking are a must to hit the right notes. This is where Apex Studio Builder comes in!


With years of experience in the field and trained acoustic treatment specialists working with us, we will turn around your room’s acoustics in no time! Bid adieu to comb filtering issues and flutter echoes because these troublemakers will never spoil your studio’s sound quality again. Whether yours is a small home studio or a multi-room post-production/recording facility, we have got you covered.

We are second to none when it comes to recording studio design, tuning, and acoustic treatments in Miami, Florida. While drawing out a plan to get your room’s sound right, we walk the extra mile to ensure that you get to hear the real deal, every single time. We sell accuracy — you hear what you record, as simple as that!

Recording Studio Design

Why Choose Us For Acoustic Tuning & Treatments?

Quick Fixes

Have a room with problem spots with wild frequencies everywhere? Our specialists can come to your rescue to tweak it ASAP.

Nationwide Presence

Our acoustic treatments are loved across the US. Have a project that you’d like to discuss in one of the states? Hit us up!

Quality That Lasts

All our treatments and room tuning will give you beautifully stunning definition and clarity, year after year.

Smart Treatments

Our acoustic treatments are actually blessings in disguise. That’s because they transform your room’s tonal quality while being invisible.


We don’t just offer consulting and design services. Apex Studio Builder also has experts who will set your room right for the best sound.


Your room will be designed and built to provide the best possible audio quality for the space we’d use. Everything we install is customized to our clients’ needs.

Our Clients Include

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Recording Studio Design

How We Design Studios to Produce High-Quality Recordings


We analyze every aspect of your studio to create the ideal solution that fits your budget and unique needs.

Proprietary Technology

Our proprietary technology helps you finish the perfect mix in half the time!


We won’t get started installing until we’ve spent the right amount of time planning and designing.

Invisible Treatment

Our acoustic treatments are never bulky and won’t interfere with the other design aspects of your studio.

15 Years Experience

With our 15 years of experience, we know exactly what it takes to create the recording studio of your dreams.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so confident you’ll love our work that if you aren’t completely satisfied, we’ll fix it so you’re happy.
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Where Sound Meets Magic

Playback Perfection With Our Acoustic Treatment

Having worked with legendary musicians and labels, we can safely say that we are exceptionally good at what we do. Many have known how good they actually sound after signing up for our acoustic treatments! We care about your satisfaction and are extremely passionate about what we do, so you can rest assured that your studio will be in the best hands.

Our specialists also offer a wide range of room tuning services in Miami, Florida, and nationwide, depending on the needs of clients, their budget, and the acoustic experience they want for themselves.

Unsure of whether your room needs some tuning? Can’t figure out whether your room’s surfaces are too absorbent or reflective? Are sound waves from your bass guitar getting obstructed? Get in touch with us now. Keeping in mind that no two recording studios are the same, our experts will make sure that they take note of every unique acoustical element in your room so that nothing comes in between you and your craft!


Chief Acoustics Engineer

When it comes to room acoustics, what you don’t hear is as important as what you do hear.

With over 15 years of experience in the field, Angel and Apex Studio Builders are the best partners to create custom solutions to fix the acoustic challenges you’re facing in your environment.

Our advice and technology have been used by many leading artists and music labels like Pitbull, Mr. 305 Inc, Champion Sound, Lenier, and many others.

Selected Projects

Studio Build & Acoustical Journey By Temu Music

Gear / Treatment Wars

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