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We focus on making your dream room, live room, control room, studio, garage, etc. sound incredible.

Acoustic Treatment:
Our sound treatment is the best in the game. We will make sure your room sounds clean and balanced across every frequency. You’ll be able to listen, mix, record, and even create with to music the way it should be in this room.

Sound Proofing:
Not only will the sound inside the room be right, but the sound trying to escape will be controlled so that it doesn’t bother neighbors or anybody else in the house.

Our attention to detail is unlike anything you’ve experienced before. We bring modern design and couple it with state-of-the-art building materials. From there, we’ll install the right equipment to bring your room to life. 

Our goal is simple: create a beautiful space that sounds incredible.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

We recently had Angel and his team update our studio and upgrade all the pro audio in our rooms and we couldn’t be happier. Thanks for the great work, boys!

Rob Fernandez

Mr. 305 Inc.

Angel did a great job building our new studio! I needed a place that looks great and sounds even better and they delivered. I highly recommend him and his team.



Working with Angel was great! He built a beautiful studio that sounds incredible. They installed LED’s and got us great equipment. Our recordings never sounded better!
Yarek Orsini


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